Massages Can Fix Many AIlments As Well As Relax You

You may think that massages are just for relaxation after a stressful lifestyle. Everyday stress and strain from pressure in your life can come out in your shoulders, neck and even in your head through headaches. Massage therapy can also help health issues related to arthritis, fibromyalgia and any other muscular issues. Massage therapy can help restore some use of your muscles by increasing the circulation to those muscles and Myofascial Release relieving the signals it is sending to your brain. Libertyville Massage Therapy Clinic has certified massage therapists that can give your muscles the relief and release they need.

A massage therapist can pinpoint specific muscles in your body that are causing you pain. They can also work on damaged muscles that have created scar tissue which may be causing you pain. Scar tissue limits mobility of your muscles and is what causes the pain. A Local Massage Therapy Clinic Celebrates 29th Anniversary knows what type of massage you need to get the relief you need. Massages also help to stimulate endorphins in your body and into your brain and nervous system.


The best way to start with massage is to increase the blood flow to the lymphatic system which is usually done through a swedish massage. This would include starting at the neck area and moving down towards the base of the spine. It would also include starting at your hands and preferably your fingertips and moving towards the brain. It also helps to oxygen to the muscles that are sore that are lacking oxygen. This type of massage also helps to remove toxins from the muscles that help to cause pain in your body. It is also a very gentle massage and is recommended if you’ve never had a massage before.

If you have arthritis, stiff joints or fibromyalgia then a deep tissue massage may be the best choice to loosen those sore muscles. This type of massage gets deep into the muscles and relieves chronic pain that physical therapy or other options may not. It helps to reduce the inflammation that causes the pain to start. Another great benefit is helps to reduce your blood pressure. While one type of massage helps to stimulate endorphins, a deep tissue massage helps to promote serotonin which gives you a good feeling and happiness.

Don’t go through another day with pain or stiff muscles. Massage therapy can help relieve those sore muscles and increase your range of motion. This can all be achieved without the use of medications that could interact with other medications you’re taking. For more information on pain relief, check out to get the relief you need.


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